C Pure AQUAKING PSC10 9 3/4" Scale, Taste, and Odor Reduction Drop In Cartridge - 25 Micron Rating and 3 GPM

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  • 3,000 gallon capacity; 6 month changeout recommended
  • 2 1/2" x 9 3/4"
  • Compatible with all 10" drop in style filter heads

This C Pure AQUAKING PSC10 9 3/4" drop in water filtration cartridge uses a unique combination of 4 oz. of crystalline polyphosphate and premium granular activated carbon to filter for scale, taste, and odors so that you can feed the purest water possible to your small beverage equipment, ice machines, and countertop steamers! A direct replacement for the one that came with your C Pure 10" ice machine and 10" countertop steamer filtration systems, this cartridge fits all standard 10" housings and accommodates an intermittent flow rate of up to 3 GPM.

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