Quality Ice Machines

Avantco Ice Machines delivers the performance and reliability you need to maintain a steady supply of quality ice in your business. From full-size equipment to sleek undercounter models, Avantco Ice provides the right equipment for the job.

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Perfect for heavy-traffic establishments, modular ice makers produce large amounts of ice. They are designed to sit on top of and supply ice to an ice machine bin, an ice dispenser, or a soda dispenser.

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These compact models combine the ice machine with a storage bin and fit under most 40” high counters. This machine will meet the output needs of small bars, cafes, and restaurants.

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The Importance of Ice

Ice is part of your presentation whether you’re serving drinks or displaying food and can make all the difference to your guests. If you own a restaurant, convenience store, grocery store, or bar, finding the correct ice for your application can provide a positive customer experience as well as save you money in the long run.

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Full Cube Ice

These large ice cubes melt slowly to keep your guests' drinks cool and flavorful.

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Half Cube Ice

Small and compact, half cubes fill the glass, saving you product and increasing profits.

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Bullet Ice

Thanks to its hollow center, this ice melts evenly and quickly chills mixed and soft drinks.

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