C Pure Oceanloch-L2 Dual Water Filtration System with Oceanloch-L2 Cartridges, Inlet, and Outlet Pressure Gauges- 1 Micron Rating and 3.34 GPM

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  • Filters sediment as small as 1 micron, chlorine taste and odor, and color; inhibits scale
  • Twist-in lock style makes change-outs easy and improves sanitation, includes 2 pressure gauges, shut
  • Ideal for countertop steam equipment and ice machines (1,000 - 1,500 lb./ day)
  • 3.34 GPM flow rate; uses a 3/8" water connection
  • 36,000 gallon capacity, 3-6 month cartridge changeout recommended

With this C Pure Oceanloch-L2 double water filter system, it's easier than ever to make fast, sanitary filter changes and keep your water-using equipment protected against harmful contaminants at the same time! This system is designed to filter out sediment particles as small as 1 micron, while also removing undesirable colors and chlorine taste / odor. It also inhibits the growth of scale deposits, which reduce equipment efficiency and will eventually cause vital components to fail if left untreated. It's an ideal solution for countertop steam equipment and ice machines that produce 1,000 lb. - 1,500 lb. per day.

C Pure's Oceanloch filters feature an exclusive twist-in locking mechanism that makes it incredibly easy to change a cartridge when it has reached the end of its life. With a simple twist you can unlock the old cartridge and remove it, and twist the new cartridge to lock it into place. This design also improves sanitation because the whole cartridge is self-contained and the filter media isn't exposed to outside contaminants. No exposure means a much lower chance for pathogens to enter the filter and grow, and that means greater peace of mind about the water going to your customers!

This filter system has a flow rating of 3.34 GPM and a 36,000 gallon capacity. The dual pressure gauges allow you to measure the water pressure going into and out of your filtration system. This allows you to quickly see if your PSI is dropping below the required amount for your equipment, or indicate when it's time to change your cartridges out. The filter cartridges must be replaced every 3-6 months, at the rated capacity, or if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs. The Oceanloch twist-in design is unique to Oceanloch filters and is not compatible with filter systems from other lines. This filter system also includes an installation kit to make setup as simple as possible. The inlet shutoff valve makes it easy to stop incoming water upstream of the filter so that you can change out a cartridge or perform maintenance. The filter system has 3/8" NPT female input and output connections and includes 1 outlet tee connection, 1 inlet tee connection, and 2 pressure gauges.

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