C Pure AQUAKING12 10" Dual Cartridge Water Filtration System - 10 Micron Rating and 3 GPM

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  • Filters for sediment, scale, taste, and odor
  • 3,000 gallon capacity; 6 month changeout recommended
  • Ideal for countertop steam equipment
  • Maximum operating pressure: 75 PSI

If you're tired of watching your hard earned profits go up in steam thanks to high maintenance costs for your countertop steam equipment, this C Pure AQUAKING12 10" dual cartridge water filtration system is the solution you're looking for! The system's two 10" white housings have a convenient pressure relief button and safely hold the 9 7/8" sediment and 9 3/4" anti-scaling phosphate drop in cartridges.

The sediment cartridge is manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene and filters out dirt and rust particles as small as 10 microns. The anti-scaling cartridge, meanwhile, boasts 4 oz. of crystalline polyphosphate that combines with premium granular activated carbon to prevent harmful scale buildup on pipes and other components while also inhibiting unappealing chlorine tastes and odors from enveloping your foods.

Designed specifically for countertop steamers but versatile enough for small beverage equipment, the C Pure AQUAKING12 10" dual cartridge water filtration system is compatible with water temperatures up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit and accommodates an intermittent flow rate of up to 3 GPM. It features a 1/2" inlet that easily connects to existing plumbing lines.

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